Where Others Failed

by Smoking Cotton

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    “This album is dedicated to everyone who has supported us in some way, specially to our friends and family. To everyone who ever came to any of our gigs. To anyone who has listened to our songs in solitude and has really enjoyed them. To the people who believed in this project as much as we did”




released January 1, 2011

Guitar and vocals: Nacho Silvestre

Guitar and keyboards: Jorge Benavent

Drums: Nacho Silvestre (tracks 3, 4 and 7 by Federico Pomar)

Bass: Fernando Borja

Keyboards: Cárlos Álvarez (tracks 10 and 11)

Music: Smoking Cotton

Lyrics: Nacho Silvestre

Recorded by Oscar Gómez at Silvestre's Home Studio in Castellón (Spain) during 2008 and 2009

Mixed and Produced by Oscar Gómez and Nacho Silvestre during 2010

Artwork : Luigi Costantini

Photography: Pablo Serrano

MySpace Design: Fran Sales




all rights reserved


Smoking Cotton Castellón, Spain

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Track Name: Spending All My Money
How many people can´t understand what there´s between my guitar and me
How can I explain to you when I drive I don´t stop singing my melody

Spending all my money
On my job

You said nice to meet you with hopeful face but now I am your main trouble
I will miss your hair in my face but now I realize that I prefer my…

I don’t mind If I hear you saying something wrong about me
I've got more friends than you and my band to enjoy
Track Name: My Turn
I know, you can burn it all
Those things I have never showed you

It´s my turn to make (it) all alone!
I can´t be “the perfect one” you ask me for
It´s my turn to make (it) all alone!
I´m so tired of working I can´t feel my bones

I know, you can burn it all
Speaking behind my uncovered back
It happened over (the) last weekend, it has been meaningless
Track Name: Through Hardships To The Stars
Now I think it´s time to move on
Leaving the past where it should stay
Don´t want to think about it another day
I´m sure I will find the right way

I´m not lost like I used to be
Still we feel apart because of hurts

I have passed months sleepless
Waiting for one more chance
But now I´ve changed

I could say I expect your smile
But the truth is I don’t mind
So you can say i´m dreamless, I agree
However I won´t make more mistakes
Track Name: To Believe
Though It´s hard to explain you are the only one capable to save the world
And all of us are praying that they won´t come to hold up
Every smiling faces turn to “lucky-girl” trying to seem proud
Everyone knows the changes and you can be sure I will be around

To believe

We won´t admit a defeat, they have a lot of weapons but we count on with gifts
They’re many more than us we grew having ambitions they never imagined

If the sundown can make you trust us
Track Name: 7x8
A lonely tear falls down
A smile turns into frown
Trickles down your cheek do not make you weak
A sad and lonely heart
Others break apart

I know, I´m a disappointment
But you´re too and we both know it
You want to take are our life away
But I don´t agree

The salty tear is gone life will carry on
With love from a friend the lonely tears will end
Track Name: Anywhere
Get ready for Friday night
Everybody´s waiting for us
Take your car and let´s buy the drugs
Now just talk about plans

Anywhere, It´s all right

We will get together
It doesn´t matter where we go
We just need some girls
And that’s enough to enjoy night

It was close to midnight when I hit the floor
cold, smoke and booze for sure made me fall down
Track Name: Cry
Now I don´t trust you so
You can´t expect the faith you wish
If we met knowing our fate
May we should avoid the crossway

Breaking our photograph is just a
Childish reaction caused of hurts
Why are you surprised about
The lies you deserve

The solution is not crying
You tell me you want to Cry /s You say you just want to cry
There’s no reason for crying

Feeling that everything happens as
We were in a theatre stage
You will understand that it’s better let it go
Your dark side is not gonna help you keeping me around
Track Name: Unified Minds
Could you see (the) leaves falling from the sky
Could you feel my tears dropping from my eyes
Bring the changes if your heart is right
Blink your eyes without coming back

You rant and rave
These things you say can fool anyone

That way can't wake me from this world

Where I find something (that) will make me feel alone
My imagination´s been dying for years
Since my sights getting worse and worse
Track Name: Green Lawn
You´ll say I had nothing to hide
Broken and desperate, lonely and lied
Cloudy smell from your neck
Brings me the best wishes from us.

Just like I was cut off by your lies
Sun goes down close my eyes

Green lawn where your fake caress were hard to believe
Good place to fate now I need look down on it

I keep going straight ahead
Take a look around I ask god why
No more feeling in town
Cause you can never see me try
Track Name: Put Down Forever
They used to crush out on the street
While politics talk about the oil
Nobody wonders when (it) will be late
But I can´t see it at the headlines

They are the leaders and we must accept commands
We are fool and tired, but no one rises to get away

Sky turns black when a phone rings
But they don´t want to have anything to do
Track Name: Last Train
For a long time
I was thinking you were mine
Because I fell in love

Growing older
Waiting for your calls under
Under the road

But I think we still have time
To make it up to us and fix ourselves
So leave everything and let´s take our last train
It could be late to find the way
So leave everything and let´s take our...

I don’t know destination
I’m sure it’ll be perfection
Just like it used to be

It looks so clear
That we must disappear
And go far away
Track Name: Where Others Failed
Someone once said that we will never reach the goal
They also told us it would be better let it go

Can you feel it like us?
The anger flowing through the veins
The crowd doing what you say
Succeed where many others failed

Just when we thought nothing good would come out of the room
Speakers gave us a magic to which we were not used

Remember the time when they wanted to see us failing unfortunately they didn´t
know how wrong they were so you should feel proud to show how well we did it
Track Name: Words Spoken (Bonus Track)
Oh! Don´t worry about that, my heart is already cracked
Broken for words that were spoken behind my back
Please, pay no attention, it´s not your intention
Please use discretion if you don´t mind.

There’s no love, like yours
There’s no soul, like ours
I’m sure we’ll meet in another time and place

Oh! One more day (at) home burning every photo
You will remember our past when the movie starts
Please, don’t cry now, just keep this song now
And don’t forgive that this is the end